Shoes for everyone

Whether you're running a half marathon, playing a match or walking for overall health, you'll find the right shoes at Rackets and Runners. We offer a broad selection of footwear brands and provide expert help to find the best shoe for you. As a specialty footwear store, we have the best selection of premium shoes available from top brands.

We'll fit you right

When you come into Rackets & Runners to buy a pair of shoes, our highly knowledgeable and experienced staff members work with you to find just the right pair for your feet and purpose.  Since we opened our doors in 1978, medical professionals have trusted referring their patients to Rackets & Runners.   Come see us for your next pair of shoes.  

We start with a fitting consultation, taking into account your activity, orthotics or other devices, medical conditions, injury history, gait as well as any other relevant factors.   

Book a fitting

Because of our thorough shoe fitting process, you may have to wait for service during our busy times.  We invite you to book a fitting to ensure immediate attention. Book Now

Bring An Old Pair

Remember to bring in an old pair of shoes when you visit us. We'll get some insight into your gait with wear pattern. And if you find a new pair, you could donate to our Shoe Renu program, which distributes shoes to the less fortunate members of our community.