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Top Notch String Servicing & Diagnostics

Rackets & Runners has strung more than 100,000 tennis, squash and badminton since 1978. Our team of certified MRTs (Master Racket Technicians) boast Grand Slam, Major ATP and ITF tournament experience. We use a fleet of state-of-the-art, Babolat machines to expertly string your rackets and get them back in your hands quickly. Choose from a wide selection of the best string available - Babolat, Wilson, Head, Yonex, Solinco, Tecnifibre, Gamma, Volkl and Prince– to optimize your game.

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Service Details
Tennis Racket Stringing For String and Labour - $25-$80 / For Labour Only - $15 Book
Badminton Racket Stringing For String and Labour - $30-$40/ For Labour Only - $20
Squash Racket Stringing For String and Labour - $30-$40 / For Labour Only - $15 Book
Racket Customization $20-$40
Racket Demo Take up to two rackets out for three days at a time - $2
Grip Installation No charge if customer supplies grip
Bumper Guard Replacement For Guard and Installation - $15
Grip Build Up $15
Racket Diagnostics No charge


Our certified MRTs also provide a full list of other professional racket services including:

• Weighting and balancing

• Replacing grips

• Resizing grips

• Repairing and replacing grommets

• Replacing bumper guards


We use the latest Babolot Racket Diagnostic Center (RDC) machine to measure racket stiffness, weight, swing weight, balance and string bed deflection. This helps us determine how your racket is strung and how much life is left in the strings. It also helps the consistency of your performance. No need for favourites any more! We can simply run your racket through this tool, record and replicate the settings and apply them to all your rackets for consistent, optimal performance on the court.  

We listen to your specific concerns and preferences to ensure your set-up meets all your requirements and make any necessary adjustments so you leave the store with a racket that looks and feels just right.

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