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The Oak Street Run Club is a tight-knit community that welcomes all levels of ability. A space that brings individuals in our community together and gives them an opportunity to grow and find their potential. Whether you're training for fitness or a race, Oak Street Run Club is here for you.

Membership Benefits

Free Swag

Stylish, yet functional, sport your own Oak Street Runners' apparel on your next run.

Mapped and Varied Routes

Routes are provided ahead of time. Runs start from the store and branch out to UBC, Arbutus Greenway, Seawall and more.

Destination Runs

We host outside of the store, too. You'll see us at local restaurants, breweries and cafes - an awesome way to get out and explore the city.

Guest Speakers

To supplement your training knowledge, we bring in guest speakers such as physiotherapists, fitness trainers and other professionals in the field.

15% Discount

Exclusive to Oak Street Runners.  Applies to regular priced in-store merchandise only.

Discounted Running Events

Take advantage of exclusive member discounts on local races sponsored by Rackets & Runners.

Drop in anytime to try before you commit to a full membership

Oak Street Runners Welcome You

Days Departure Time workout/distance
Tuesdays @ Rackets & Runners 6:30pm starting Oct 20, 2020 Hill/Speed Workouts
Thursdays Temporarily Postponed Speed or Hill Training
Saturdays @ Douglas Park 8:15 AM 10K, 13K, 15K, and 18K

RUN CLUB ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP FEE: $100+ GST, prorated quarterly

-Join any time and pay pro-rated price. 

-Credit, Debit, or Cash payment options available at the store.

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Meet Your Coach

Coach Tim

Tim has been running with Rackets & Runners since 2010 and became a run leader in 2011. He has over 20 years of coaching experience in various sports.
In addition, he became a certified running coach for Rackets & Runners in 2018. Tim ran his first marathon in 2009. Since then, he has run 15 races including 4 in Boston with a personal best of 2:58. Though Tim does not race as often anymore, he remains an avid and passionate runner.

All Your Questions, Answered

*NEW* COVID-19 Restrictions

After assessing how well Saturday runs have turned out, we have decided to integrate weeknight runs, starting with Tuesdays. The first Tuesday run will be October 20, 2020.  


Meet between 6:15pm and 6:30pm at Rackets & Runners, 3880 Oak St. Please do not arrive any earlier than 6:15pm, as staff need to close the store and exit at 6pm.

Everyone is required to use hand sanitizer upon entering the store.

Physical Distancing: Maintain a 2 meter distance from others unless you’re in the same bubble.

Belongings: You are welcome to store your personal belongings at the store.

Change rooms and washrooms will be available for use

Departure times will be staggered to allow for physical distancing and to keep our running and walking groups smaller.  You can speak to either Liz, Tim, or any of the Run Club Leaders if you are unsure which pace group to join. 


Meet at 8:00am at the centre section near basketball courts at Douglas Park at West 22nd Avenue and Willow Street. We will no longer be meeting at the store. The meeting space is in an open environment to allow for physical distancing. Please arrive on time to review protocol and complete new waiver forms. 

Hand sanitizer is provided.

Physical Distancing: Maintain a 2 meter distance from others unless you’re in the same bubble.

Belongings: Find a secure spot for your belongings as you will be responsible for them.

Washrooms are available and open on the south side of the building even though the Douglas Park Rec Centre continues to be closed.

Departure Times: Departure times are staggered to allow for physical distancing and to keep our running and walking groups smaller.  You can speak to either Liz, Tim, or any of the Run Club Leaders if you are unsure which pace group to join. 

You will be asked to sign a COVID-19 consent/declaration form prior to participation.

Please remember to not attend Run Club if you have travelled outside of Canada within the last 14 days or are experiencing any of the following symptoms: Fever, chills, new or worsening cough, shortness of breath, new muscle aches or headache, sore throat. 

If you are feeling unwell at any time prior, during, or after Run Club, notify one of the Run Club leaders or Rackets & Runners management team.

We understand that not everyone will be ready to return to Run Club. We look forward to seeing you when you are ready.

Who leads the runs?

Along with a group of Run Club ambassadors, Coach Tim sets up the run routes and oversees the overall pace and structure of the workouts.

Can I just drop-in and determine if the run club is a good fit for me?

Come on by anytime. We don’t have any drop-ins or associated drop-in fees, but you’re welcome to join in on a few runs with us. If you find the club is a good fit, then you can sign up for a membership! Remember, memberships are prorated on a quarterly basis.

What gear do I need?

Make sure you have a pair of comfortable running shoes  and whether you decide to wear shorts or pants, or a long sleeve versus a tank will depend on what temperature range you tolerate best. Regardless, consider clothing made with moisture-managing materials as they help with regulating body temperature.

Come see one of our knowledgeable Rackets &  Runners staff to learn more about what attire is most suited for you.

What if I have never run before?

Everyone’s fitness levels are different, but generally we recommend beginners start with the Learn to Run 10K Clinic. If your fitness level surpasses the clinic, then try out a 5K run on one of the Tuesdays. There are a range of pace groups to run with, and we will make sure you start at an appropriate pace.

Where do we run?

Most runs leave from Rackets &  Runners. There are several routes that take advantage of the scenic surroundings and excellent running paths. On occasion, we have field trips. If the starting point is different, we let you know via a weekly newsletter or a post in the Oak Street Runners Facebook Group.   

Are there different pace groups?

You bet! There are folks who run at gentler speeds and those who hit a steady 4:30 min/k pace.  People are grouped together according to pace on a session to session basis, and we consider other factors like injuries, upcoming races, etc.

Can I leave my stuff at the shop while we run?

Sure thing -  we have an area in the store dedicated to storing your belongings.

How much does Run Club cost and how long are the programs?

Run club costs $100.00+GST for the full year starting in January. It’s prorated quarterly - visit the Sign Up page to learn more.

Do you have any social time?

After every Saturday run, we head over to Pallet Coffee Roasters for post run beverages and treats. In addition to that, we meet on a semi-regular basis outside of the run club for birthday celebrations, destination runs, and other fun events.  It’s a tight-knit group with a lot of friendly faces.

Anything else I should know?

Just come out and have some fun! We don’t take ourselves too seriously but don’t worry, you’ll get a good workout in.