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Strava Art Contest

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For those unfamiliar with Strava: it is a social-fitness network that tracks cycling, running and walking exercises using GPS data. For many getting a CR (Course Record ) or Crown isn't high on your priority list, but there's another way Strava can boost your motivation to run: using it to create art. Rather than focusing on speed, we wanted to provide people an alternative boost to get out the door and run (creatively). 

It is free to join and doesn't require a GPS watch to upload your data, just bring your phone with you and it will record the distance for you.  The 'art' portion kicks in after you've exercised and uploaded your GPS data- displaying your activity on a map. Take a look at a collection from around the world for added inspiration. Here 

Or check this 12km R&R route out here


So... we've partnered with Brooks to give away two pairs of running shoes. Get outside, draw some Strava Art with your FEET and WIN A PAIR OF SHOES! 


  1. Walk or run a route
  2. Upload the activity to Strava and Follow Rackets and Runners
  3. Share it with us on facebook or IG tagging @rackets_runners with proof of completion. 
  • The more ‘art’ you enter, the more chances you have of winning! 
  • Deadline to enter is Sunday, May 17 at 7pm - where we will draw two random winners for a free pair of shoes and announce the winners on our instagram story. 

Lastly,  we cannot stress the importance of maintaining proper social distancing guidelines (2m apart)⁠

Tips for creating your Strava Art

  • Your route is key! Create your route on Strava before you go. To create your route, select the + icon on the top right side of the page and select “create route”. 
  • Work with what you've got and get creative. We find it most helpful to focus on main streets in an area on a map and then stand back and look for ready-made shapes. 
  • It's easiest to start with words and move your way up. Especially if you live in areas with more of a city grid. 
  • Think big picture— the larger the scale the less mistakes will show up on your map afterwards.

Once you have created your route, put those shoes on and go! 

Afterwards, be sure you save your run, upload it to Strava and  tag @rackets_runners on IG or Rackets & Runners on facebook to be entered to win a pair of shoes!

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