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Some Awesome New Paddles are coming in November!

If you thought fall meant the end of new paddles for the year, then think again. We’ve got a ton of paddles coming into the store in November; here’s what to look out for.
Some Awesome New Paddles are coming in November! Featured Image

Before we get into what’s coming, let’s do a little recap of what’s recently arrived!

Ronbus R1 Nova


ProDrive Ghost



Bread & Butter Filth 



Vatic Pro Alchemy



Head Radical Tour Raw



As you can see, our pickleball selection has grown massively this year and we’re not slowing down. 

If you watched our review of the Ronbus R1 Nova, you’ll know I thought it was a special, special paddle, so we are super excited to bring in the R3 Nova. It will have the same technological features, just with a more traditional elongated shape, rather than the Hyperion-like design of the R1.

Part of what made the Nova so amazing was its new technology and we’re bringing in more new tech with the Pickleball Apes paddles. Kevlar and carbon are woven together — that’s what’s new, and it could be just what the industry needs to help with certain durability and playability issues. Both the Pro Line Energy and Pro Line Energy S are now available for demo in-store and purchase in-store and online.


Selkirk hasn’t released a new paddle in literally years (SLK and Selkirk Labs do not count), so we are so happy to finally bring in the brand new LUXX Control Air Invikta and LUXX Control Air Epic paddles. They may look like Vanguard Power Airs, but believe me, they are very different. Just look at that thick, 20-millimetre core! With all these thermoformed power paddles coming out, it’s refreshing to see a paddle primarily built for control.


We were once huge fans of Gearbox paddles, but there’s no denying that they have been falling behind the industry curve for a bit now. We’re about 99% sure that will change with the Pro Control Fusion and Elongated and Pro Power Fusion and Elongated paddles. You’ve probably seen the reviews, and we’ll get ours out as soon as they’re in, but these could be the cream of the crop for paddles in 2023. 



Bread & Butter is a cool company; check out their Instagram for proof. The Filth is cool and the Loco could be even cooler. But more importantly, it could be even more popular. The Loco has that awesome hybrid shape, and we all know how thermoformed hybrid paddles are doing right now.

Saving the best for last? Perhaps. The Perseus came out with a massive bang back in June, and now we are getting the design in a shape we all know and love: the Hyperion. This is one of our favourite paddle shapes, so we're certainly excited for the Joola Ben Johns Hyperion C2 16mm and 14mm.


Please note: For any paddles listed COMING SOON, click the link and click NOTIFY ME. We will contact you as soon as the paddle is in store.

Six awesome and unique paddles coming into the store in November? Yup, somehow what’s supposed to be the gloomiest time of the year is looking like the most exciting one for pickleball. 

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