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Paddlepalooza! What's new in-store for Pickleball?

It seems like just yesterday we were talking about new paddles coming into the store in January and now, barely 5 months later, everything has changed, once again.
Paddlepalooza! What's new in-store for Pickleball? Featured Image

Summer is here, and with it, we have some amazing new pickleball paddles to announce. Most have already come in, some we’re waiting for with anticipation, but one thing is for sure: there are a ton, and there will be something for everyone.

First, let’s talk about what’s already here.

Ronbus Pulsar FX Paddles

Foam-filled paddles provide that in-your-face, all-new playability, but the Edge Grid in the Ronbus Pulsar FX paddles is a more subtle yet equally unique bit of tech. We were first introduced to this patent-pending technology in the Nova, but there it was only around the edges; on the Pulsar FXs, it also makes up the whole paddle face.

You get an amazing flexible, soft feel on touch shots, and the paddle firms up to be more powerful for drives and faster swings.

Foam, Ronbus’ Edge Grid, and Kevlar — these are the current technologies pushing paddle performance to the next level and I’m sure they’ll rival each other for popularity in the coming months.


Honolulu Pickleball J2K

Speaking of Kevlar, is the SixZero Ruby about to be dethroned? We heard so much positive feedback about the Honolulu Pickleball J2K that we decided to bring them in, and what a decision that proved to be.

These paddles are fantastic — absolutely competitive with the Ruby, but also not a clone since there are a few subtle differences that should help you choose one over the other. What they do share is some of the best well-rounded playability: spin, power, control, and feel are all fantastic on the J2K and J2K Pro.


Now we’re waiting for the J7K, which, looking at the specs, could be a very interesting paddle, especially for those of you with a tennis background. Stay tuned!

2024 Babolat Pickleball Paddles

We also recently brought in Babolat’s 2024 Pickleball Paddles. The French company did well with its MNSTR paddles a couple of years ago, and now these edgeless paddles are pushing them farther in the right direction. They will be especially appealing for those of you who like the raw, connected feel of OG Gearbox paddles.

The long, thin STRKR+ has the most power and spin, the WZRD has the most control, and the BALLR+ lies somewhere in between with the best all-around playability.


That’s it for the paddles we’ve already reviewed on YouTube; now, let’s move on to some that we will cover more in the coming weeks.

Vatic Pro Oni

By the time you read this article, we may have already reviewed the Oni, but this is another foam-filled line of paddles that will help amplify power. Both the V7 and the Flash are a little more subdued than the Gen 3 Joolas and Gearbox Pro Powers, but they still provide tons of pop and that unique springy sensation that combines long dwell time with so much power.

The V7 will be perfect for those of you prioritizing power, and the Flash will be better if you want a more well-rounded paddle with particularly impressive manoeuvrability and hand-speed.



We heard you loud and clear when you asked us to bring in 11six24 paddles; in-store we’ve got the Hurache-X Control (Kevlar) paddle, and we’re waiting on the Hurache Control+ thermoformed, non-kevlar model. These paddles represent excellent value for money and we can’t wait to test them out to see if they back that value up on-court.


Chorus Shapefitter

Chorus Pickleball is adding another paddle to the “dynamic playability” mix. Their Shapeshifter certainly looks cool with its 3D 18K cubic carbon fibre surface, and this top sheet is supposed to amplify “spin in different directions” because of the triaxial weave’s flexibility. There’s also a layer of fibreglass sandwiched between the face and the core which is there to add pop for speed ups. Add this to the list of paddles we can’t wait to try.

Bread & Butter Shogun

The new materials don’t stop there. Foam and Kevlar are hot right now but perhaps titanium will be next, and that’s what you’ll find on the face of the Bread & Butter Shogun. Supposedly, the titanium adds control to a paddle that is otherwise very similar to the Filth. Comparing them head-to-head could give us some answers as to just how far the industry will go with this material!



Neonic is another company producing paddles for a fantastic value. The Force has a thermoformed, unibody construction and classic elongated shape, and all that for under $150.

The Flow is the paddle that everyone is excited about, though. Like the hybrid paddles from SixZero, Vatic, B&B, and Honolulu Pickleball, it’s 16.25 inches long, but it features a different shape that’s more maneuverable, albeit a bit less forgiving. It also has a thermoformed unibody construction, so for those who like the feel of hybrid paddles and want something even faster, it could be just what the doctor ordered.

Selkirk Amped Pro Air Invikta

Finally, we’ve got the brand new Selkirk Amped Pro Air Invikta. At first glance, this paddle might look familiar, and that’s because it has taken a lot of inspiration from the Vanguard Power Invikta.

There are some key differences, though, like the X5+ 16 millimetre core, and, of course, the Amped FiberFlex+ Fiberglass Face. The thicker core should provide more control, but then the fibreglass face may have a slightly springier pop to it than the carbon of the Vanguard Powers, and all that comes in at a much cheaper price.


If you would like to try any of these paddles before you buy, we have a fantastic demo program or you can check them out online!

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