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-RPM max grit - maximum friction coefficient allowed by USA pickleball
-MonoMolded Duratech - is a unibody paddle molding process for higher quality and increased durability.
-Biaxial 3K Carbon -paddle face is made of 3K carbon woven in a strategic biaxial pattern to maximize flexibility and dwell time. This increases feel and power.
-SWC pure feel by SMAC - this is a viscoelastic aerospace technology dampening material integrated into the paddle face. It filters unwanted vibrations, increasing feel, and creating a larger Sweetspot.

Weight 8.5oz

Thickness 20mm

Length 15.8 in

Width 7.9 in

Before you purchase a pickleball paddle, please review the specific manufacture warranty info as well as our return policy. Warranties are in place to remedy abnormal breakage from normal use or for manufacturer defects.

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