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Raneem El Welily Signature Vapor 115

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World Champion and all-time great Raneem El Welily is back with a redesigned custom Vapor 115. Its classic glossy finish with clean white and lime colors in a 115 frame weight has all of the playability and performance you have loved for years. The Vapor 115 has a superior blend of power and control that makes it the obvious choice for top PSA pros and club players of all levels. The classic just got better.

  • Balance - Slightly Head Heavy
  • Balance At - 380mm
  • Color - White/Lime
  • Composition - Carbon / Graphite
  • Factory String Tension - 28lbs
  • Grip - White
  • Head Shape - Open Throat
  • Skill Level - Advanced/Pro
  • String Type - Barrage
  • Frame Weight - 115g
  • Finished Weight - 140g

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