Black Knight 8110 "Super Lite" Classic


As a store, we have been around long enough to have seen countless different products come and go so we love it when we see a product that has true longevity. With a solid feel and huge sweet spot, Black Knight 8110 "Super Lite" Classic has been on our wall for over 17 years and has been enjoyed by many. The 8110 "Super Lite" Classic is a High Modulus Graphite (HMG) frame with a little extra weight (155g) for those players who prefer to have something more behind their shots. It is very durable, evenly balanced, stiff and can be used for both singles and doubles play. 


  • Frame Weight:   155g / 5.5 oz
  • Head Size: / 77sq in
  • Balance:             Even balance

Black Knight 8110 "Super Lite" Classic

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