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The Babolat Counter Veron padel racquet is the perfect weapon for patient players looking to counter-attack. Featuring a big sweet spot, tolerance, and dynamic power, the Babolat Counter Veron padel racquet will let you set up the point with counter attacks and win on your own terms.
The carbon face surface and X-EVA technology allow you to generate explosive power when you really need that point-ending "pop."
Wanting to play with a carbon racket but you always feel it too stiff? Don't get to optimize carbon's explosiveness? To help you, we've developed this racket with the unique CARBON FLEX technology. Try it and you will discover a brand new feeling called dynamic power. Now you also have access to the power of the carbon.
To control the game and be a COUNTER STRIKER, tolerance is key. We know it and that's why we've designed a new racquet shape with a bigger sweet spot. Get ready to send back every ball, even the most difficult ones to take back the advantage of the game. 
COMFORT Above all, padel should be an accessible game. We know that rigid racquets can cause arm discomfort for some players. Our R&D team has therefore been working to reduce the risk of injury. The new VIBRABSORB SYSTEM² technology, Powered by SMAC, allows for optimal absorption of vibrations, thanks to a combination of elastomers that are integrated into the carbon fibres in the centre and handle of the racquet.
A versatile system that allows players to customize strap size or completely remove the wrist strap
A weave of two different materials on the racquet surface amplifies their benefits: the explosive power of carbon combined with the easy power of fiberglass creates a flexible surface that brings you dynamic power.
Raised patterns on the racquet surface allows you to hit with more spin.
Player Typology Counter Striker
Head Shape Hybrid
FRAME: Carbon
SURFACE: Carbon Flex
Weight 365 g +/- 10g / 12.9 oz
Thickness 38 mm / 1.5 in
Balance 270 mm

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