Virtual Shoe Fittings

There's no need to forsake new shoes if you can't buy in person. Our expert staff will make your transition to online shopping seamless. We offer the same knowledge and friendly customer service that you receive in-store, but in a virtual setting.
Please note there is a $20 fee for a virtual fitting, which will be applied directly to any shoe purchase.

1. Schedule Your Call

First, schedule your fitting at a convenient time

Plan to spend 15-30 minutes for your shoe fit. We'll discuss what you're looking for, along with other relevant details, such as past injuries, orthotic use, etc. 

2. Prepare For Your Call

Prior to your fitting, make sure your feet are bare and that you have about 10 feet of walking distance. Also, have your current shoes nearby. 

Once you have scheduled a virtual shoe fitting, you will receive a Zoom link by email. Click on the link at your scheduled time and one of our team will meet you online. You will need:

  • Access to an internet connection
  • Cell phone, laptop, table, OR computer with webcam capabilities. 

3. During your call

We listen and we assess. 

We will take as much information as possible from you about your feet and your activities. We want to know your injury history, what was your favourite pair of shoes, if you've been given any direction from a medical practitioner, do you wear any orthotics or other devices and just what it is you are planning to do in your new kicks. Showing us an old pair gives us a great sense of how you wear a shoe and if extra support from the shoes is required. 

Based on the information gathered, we will present shoe options and explain the differences. We will then determine one pair that is most suitable for your needs and send them to you. 

4. Once you receive your new shoes

Try your new shoes once you get them. We can arrange for a video or phone call if you have further questions. Common topics that we may be able to address include:

  • Amount of space in front of your toes
  • Proper orthotic or over-the-counter insole fitting
  • Proper lacing
  • Shoe lifespan

5. If your new shoes aren't right

Our goal is to make you feel confident about your shoe selection!

Rely on our 100% Fit Guarantee when purchasing from Rackets and Runners. If you’re not satisfied and have concerns with your purchase, contact us and we will happily find another shoe for you. Our team is committed to ensuring you are happy with your purchase.


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