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Hero Static


Expertise: Rackets

Favourite Product: Hyper G or Yonex Ezone 98

Favourite Athlete: Nick Kygrios

Kai discovered tennis when he moved to Vancouver. He currently trains out of the Surrey Tennis Center.

cf-grip-size-l1 cf-grip-size-l2 cf-grip-size-l3 cf-grip-size-l4 cf-vendor-yonex headsize_90-99sqin q1_men q2_age_19-50 q3_landf q3_mandq q4_allcourt q5_control rackettype_adult weightrange_306-340g
cf-vendor-solinco itemtype_poly-tennis cf-vendor-solinco itemtype_poly-tennis
cf-vendor-tourna flag_staff-pick itemtype_grip
cf-vendor-tourna itemtype_grip
cf-vendor-franklin corethickness_thick coretype_polymere facetype_composite griplength_medium gripsize_medium playertype_intermediate_pro price_150-up q1_powered q2_edged q3_lw q4_standard weightrange_light-weight