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1. Flip Belt - I use them not just for running, but for cycling and even travelling, which is amazing.

2. Wilson Clash 100 - especially for those who are looking for a sport that is relatively pandemic-safe to pick up this year. I firmly believe in going for softer racquets and strings for more longevity in the sports and the body. Pair with a good quality synthetic gut or a hybrid for big hitters.

3. Yonex Super Grap - imo, more readily available than the ever-popular Wilson Pro Overgrip and just as good as the Wilson. Plus, there are more colours to choose from too!

4. Thorlo Walking Socks - one of the 3 pairs of socks I trust for long walks, hikes and snowshoeing in my hiking boots.

5. RAD Rounds Message Balls - Never use this product before specifically, but the idea of muscle hygiene is absolutely critical to stay healthy. Use the larger ball for bigger muscles like glutes, back and shoulders, and the smaller ball for balls of your feet for the plantar.



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