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Tales from Sun Run Clinic Graduates

Two graduates from the Rackets and Runners Learn to Run 10K clinic with coach Liz, talk about their success with the program.


Tales from Sun Run Clinic Graduates Featured Image

Francine went from 0 to 10K in 14 weeks

In 2019, I decided to take up running for the first time to improve my fitness and be more active. I learned about the Rackets and Runners Learn to Run (LTR) 10 km clinic and I signed up.

Our LTR coach, Liz sent us emails outlining the running routes and the timed intervals we would be doing each week.  Then each week, she would lead our warm-ups, and run with us, and also give us individual coaching and encouragement when we needed it. 

Consistent training delivered results

After the LTR 10Km clinic was over, I ran the 10 km Turkey Trot, and my time was 5 minutes faster than my Sun Run time!  I also felt better running 10 km this time because I had been training more consistently for it.  The other benefit of joining this LTR group is the friendships and support group you gain from the others who joined the LTR 10 km group, and from the other runners who are in the Oak Street Runners run club, which meets at Rackets and Runners at the same time. 

It wasn’t always easy running up to three times a week with the LTR group, and doing 1 homework run a week, but the best advice that Liz, my coach gave me was:

“Just show up, even if it’s just to do half the workout. That’s half the battle and a lot better than not running at all.”

Dave beat his time at the Sun Run thanks to 10-K clinic

I started doing the Vancouver Sun Run 7 years ago and each time I participated, I started with the target of completing the run in less than 60 minutes.  Each year I was unsuccessful. 

Then Vanda at Rackets and Runners suggested I try their “Learn to Run 10K” program. She explained the program is designed to help people become successful at running in organized events such as the Vancouver Sun Run and achieving specific individual goals. 

Thanks Coach Liz!

Our coach Liz was supportive and took the time to determine each participant’s goals and reasons for attending.  Even though people in the group were at various stages of running ability, Liz was able to craft a program that was flexible enough to meet everyone’s needs.  Liz provided a running schedule augmenting the scheduled runs to help achieve my goal. 

At the end of our training period, I am happy to say I managed to complete the run in my quickest time yet and achieved my target.

I know that this achievement was due to putting in the time and miles, but without the structure and organization provided by the running club and the support of Liz and my fellow runners, I’m not sure that I would have achieved what I had set out to do.

An unexpected benefit is looking forward to my regular Tuesday and Thursday runs throughout the year as a member of the Oak Street Run Club!


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