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When to replace the overgrip on your tennis racket.

When to replace the overgrip on your tennis racket. Featured Image

As a tennis coach, one of my most frequently asked questions is: "Hey Coach, how often do you replace your grip?"

Or "do I need to change my overgrip? When is it time to replace my overgrip?" Usually the answer to these questions is ‘Yes, I think that your grip used to be white and now it’s brown…maybe it's time.”

The grip is one of the most important parts of the racket (if not the most important) since the joint between your hand and racket is one of the most important areas while hitting. It’s where you feel the pace, the spin, the strength…in other words: the BALL.

The main functions of the grip are:
absorbing sweat and preventing chafing on your hand.

Every time you play you are wearing out the stickiness of the grip. It has a finite lifetime and depending on how often you play, you will need to replace it sooner or later.

If your grip is no longer tacky, your racket may move mid-strike. This results in a poor-quality shot. That’s your sign to unwrap it and rewrap a fresh one.

Because I’m on court a lot, I change my overgrip almost every week, especially during the summer when I sweat more and the properties of the grip run out faster. A regular player should last longer, but it depends on how often you play, how much you sweat when you play, and how much care you take. By storing your racket properly in your tennis bag or in its own cover (as opposed to throwing it the corner, uncovered), you will extend the life of your overgrip.

In terms of overgrip brands, I’ve tried a few, but here are my top 3: 

Yonex white overgrips

Tourna: The Classic Purple Overgrip

This overgrip has been on the tour for decades. There's nothing more tacky than them.

Wilson white overgrips

This is lately my choice because they are durable and easy to set.

Overgrips come in a variety of colours. Personally, I love the look of brand new, fresh white overgrip. It just looks cool!!

It can take a few minutes to replace your overgrip, but with a bit of practice, you will create a good habit for a healthy and comfortable tennis life. For assistance, check with your coach (or at Rackets and Runners). 

To sum up: take care of your grip and keep it in good shape. It will feel like a new racket every time you replace it. And, it will help you to achieve your full potential on the court.


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