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Spotlight: Junior Tennis with Sophie & Lauren

Spotlight: Junior Tennis with Sophie & Lauren Featured Image

How long have you been playing tennis?

Sophie: I started playing tennis when I was 8 years old. So almost 5 years now.

Lauren: I have been playing for 3 years. I started a littler earlier than my sister at 7. 

What made you start playing tennis?

Sophie: My dad started playing with me outside and I loved it. From that day I always wanted to play more.

Lauren: I saw my sister having so much fun on the court and I wanted to join in.

How often do you practice?

Sophie: Me and my sister have a similar schedule. We play everyday except Sundays.

Lauren: I train everyday of the week except Sundays. It’s a mix of group, privates and hitting.

What do you love most about playing tennis?

Sophie: I love playing playing different tournaments and making new friends.

Lauren: I love how competitive it is and that you compete for yourself.

What are tournament are you most looking forward to playing (post-COVID)?

Sophie: I love playing in the Stanley Park Summer Event.

I am really excited about playing U12 Selection Series.

What racket do you play with?

Sophie: Yonex Ezone L

Yonex Ezone SL

How often do you change your racket strings?

Sophie: Every 2 weeks my strings pop.

I change my strings every month.

What shoes do you play in?

Sophie: Nike Vapor X

Nike Jnr Vapor X

What advice would you give a Junior player just starting tennis?

Sophie: Put in the hard work and enjoy the journey.

It doesn’t matter about winning at first, just go out and have fun!


Sophie and Lauren both play competitive tennis in BC. They both love competing and pushing each other to get better. Follow them on IG

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