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Get Run-Ready: Running Gear Guide

Get Run-Ready: Running Gear Guide Featured Image

Gearing Up For A New Year 

Whether you're just stepping into the world of running or you're a seasoned athlete, having the right gear can be the difference between a good run and a sub-optimal one. The proper equipment not only enhances comfort and performance but also plays a crucial role in preventing injuries.

Here our some favourite items for 2024.

Brooks Ghost 15

If you’re a seasoned runner, you have probably laced up some Brooks Ghosts at some point. Or if this review is the catalyst for you getting more active, this shoe is a great place to start.

A supremely comfortable, lightweight, and stable daily trainer, the Ghost delivers a no frills experience, with a plush upper and supportive fit, that makes it a delightfully accessible running to begin the new year. The Ghost comes in wide widths, and a Gore-Tex waterproof model that also has reflective materials to make sure you are seen whatever the time and whatever the weather. 

$143.98 $179.98
$143.98 $179.98
$143.98 $179.98


Hoka Bondi 8 

The Bondi 8 is max cushion royalty.

Beloved by runners and walkers alike, the popularity of the Bondi over the years has shifted the market, influencing competitor brands to follow its max cushioning trend. The running shoe feels supremely supportive, and a gentle rocker guides you through your running cycle. With options for widths it is as equally accessible as the Brooks Ghost but with a little more padding and protection to eat up the ground.  

The Hoka Bondi 8 is truly the crème de la crème of comfort and support that will help you smash your 2024 goals. 


Feetures Elite Light Sock

You may know someone who’s happy to spend $200 on a pair of running shoes but flinches at the idea of spending for a pair of quality socks. But a proper running sock is vital for comfort, support, an ventilation to keep you feeling fresh for the long haul.

I was very much guilty of cheaping out on socks, but once I tried the Feetures Elite socks, my runs are now just that little bit more enjoyable. The sock does a great job of contouring your foot and hugs the ankle collar for a seamless fit. The predominantly nylon material is very durable, and grips very well to both the insole of the shoe and your foot, particularly helpful for anyone who suffers with blisters due to friction.

Lastly, its snug fit provides some mild compression support. Now, if you have a high-volume foot the tight fit may cause issues, in which case we’d recommend the Feetures High Performance Max Cushion sock for less of a constrictive fit and more cushion. 


Flip Belt 

The clinking sound of my keys juggling around a loose pocket, my sweaty hand gripping a slippery phone, a pair of gloves slipping out of my pocket – these were all things that cluttered up my runs. Enter The Flip Belt.

The belt comes in two options one with a front zipper and one without. There is an option for keys and other smaller gear, and the pockets are stretchy enough to hold larger items. The fit feels snug but not constrictive and they are reflective, moisture wicking, and quick drying for those wet and windy runs.

As a minimalist runner, it's honestly a piece of gear I didn't think I needed. But the convenience and security of having all my things safely stored in a belt that feels comfortable, is a small convenience that packs a large amount of joy.  



With limited daylight, night runs becoming the norm. It's important to keep safe and be seen, which is where the Nitevest comes in.

It features a chest strap, a light on your back and chest, and six colours that can either rotate or lock on to one colour along the cords. I have taken this on dozens of runs this winter and received a lot of attention from many fellow runners.

With up to 12 hours of rechargeable battery life, a fit that feels super lightweight and does not intrude on my running form, it's a great option to feel safe, seen, and confident wherever your run decides to take you. 


Brooks Draft Hybrid Glove 

Many people struggle to keep their hands warm while running and a secure and comfortable glove really helps in managing your temperature during the winter months.

A very bright and minimalist glove that’s water resistant, the Draft Hybrid Glove is warm but offers nice breathability. The glove is good to use with watches and phones and never feels too bulky if you need to slip it way mid run.

If you suffer with the cold, struggle for motivation once you see those dark and gloomy clouds, the Brooks Draft Glove is a super option to get you out there and keep with you. 


Icebreaker Merino Beanie 

To top it all off, the IcebreakerMerino Wool Beanie is very popular amongst our Run Club, as it feels snug where we appreciate it most, and is very lightweight. The sheep wool does not feel itchy, unlike other wools can, and its ability to keep you warm when you’re cold, and breathe exceptionally well to cool you when you get a little warm, makes it versatile and problem free.

You can roll it up or down to cover your ears and its minimalist design easily tucks away. The Merino Beanie delivers a high performance fit with well-constructed materials, is one of the most comfortable items in my running arsenal, and a great product to help you add a little luxury on those tough runs. 

Running Apps 

I have just started keeping a serious log of my runs, and the few seconds it adds before and after my run offers much bigger results. The ability to manage my safety on routes, follow friends, be inspired by others, and keep track of my tempo and time, keeps me motivated to continue each and every run I go on. 

We at Rackets & Runners highly recommend Strava and the Asics Runkeeper. Both are apps that are very user friendly, offer options for all and every runner, and are a real help with organising and achieving targets. You can also follow others in your friend group and our run club members to help achieve your 2024 aspirations together. 


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