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The Famous Favorite: New Balance 880 v14 Review

The Famous Favorite: New Balance 880 v14 Review Featured Image

The New Balance 880 has always been a crowd-pleaser at our store. Nadia, our co-owner and New Balance superfan can't stop singing its praises.

And it's not just us.

It's the go-to shoe for folks across North America, ranking as the number 1 selling running shoe, celebrated for making steady improvements, without straying too far from its predecessors. 

The Bread and Butter

Why the love? Well, the NB 880v14 nails it when it comes to dishing out a comfy run with assured stability and durability, for a variety of workouts and activities. The previous version 13 epitomized this, with a seamless running and active lifestyle experience. The secure heel, a dynamic, yet gentle ride, and that plush yet supportive double layer of Fresh Foam X midsole. Plus a soft layer under the heel, and a denser, firmer foam under the forefoot – all of this helped make it feel stable for long days on your feet, while being soft and light enough to take on all type of runs. 

Now with the 880v14 on our shelves, and having logged a number of miles in them, I thought I'd spill the beans on this latest iteration. If you’re a loyal NB 880 runner, let's see if it's still right for you; and if you’re seeking a new pair of reliable running shoes, it might be an enticing new option.


Getting an Uplift 

The biggest changes have come in the more propulsive ride and softer underfoot feel. If the 880 V13 felt like going on a gentle summer sea cruise, the V14 feels exactly like that, but with someone also handing you a cocktail, complete with an umbrella, to enjoy the view.

So how did they do this?

The switch to a simplified, single layer of Fresh Foam X contributes to a plusher, bouncier feel, that caters to helping sore joints, from long runs and long days on your feet. 

Now by altering the shape of the outsole rubber coverage, more vertically, and extending it to the forefoot, additionally by increasing the length of the heel bevel (a curve at the rearfoot) this ensured a more dynamic, yet very smooth transition along the stride. 

A Strong Foundation 

With all these changes improving that cushy feel and improved efficiency, is the 880 still the tried-and-true shoe for general versatility and support?

By dropping the heel-to-toe drop to 8mm, from a previous 10mm, which supports a more midfoot strike, the heightened sidewalls across the heel and midfoot and a widened outsole base, ensured a more secure and balanced ride for a very natural feeling for safer landings, that felt just as stable as the version 13. 

Another slight change has been in the upper mesh material, which feels thicker. This definitely improved the containment, yet still allowed my feet to swell, the longer I spent in them. One caveat, however, is they did run a little warmer than in previous versions, which was great for a cold Canadian winter, although you may sense some excessive heat in the summer months. 

Mr Dependable

New Balance continues to offer this shoe in many widths, from narrow to extra wide for both men and women. Furthermore, while I haven't racked up hundreds of miles just yet, those I have covered have still left them feeling and looking as fresh as day one. With our trust in New Balance, the previous model's success, and the enhanced structure in the V14, I'm confident this shoe can hold its ground against long miles and daily wear. 

If you're keen to discover more about how to keep your running shoes for the long haul check out some tips here.

Best Of Both Worlds 

By all accounts we like where New Balance is going with this shoe, combining modern trends that are improving both the comfort and support necessary to keep our bodies in tip-top shape. Through introducing subtle yet highly effective updates that support better running efficiency with the traditional elements of the 880 that has made it such a loved shoe, it remains the tried-and-true daily trainer that's a cozy and reliable pick for both beginners and seasoned road runners or for someone looking to live actively. 



If you want to try on a pair, come into the store and visit our awesome shoe fitters, or you can check them out online.


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