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Saucony Ride 15 Review

Saucony Ride 15 Review Featured Image

Bigger, softer and lighter — three common ingredients trending these days in the running shoe industry and the Saucony Ride 15 is the latest to follow suit.


The 15th iteration of the neutral daily trainer from Saucony hit our store lighter, more flexible and featuring a new softer PWRN midsole. On paper, the new Ride 15 has all the ingredients to make it a successful update. Let's dive into what’s new. 


The biggest update to the Saucony Ride 15 is the midsole.

Saucony introduced a new PWRN midsole and packed as much as they could beneath your foot. After the first test run I noticed it was softer, more energetic and heartier than the Ride 14. The introduction of a new lighter PWRN formula allowed Saucony to simultaneously increase the stack height, from 32mm/24mm to 35mm/27mm, maintain the 8mm drop, and shave off more than half an ounce of weight.

In addition, I found the combination of the new midsole geometry and PWRN foam gave the Ride a more fluid and smoother transition not experienced in previous generations. The end product is lighter, more cushioned, and springier than ever before and I think that’s a big win-win in my books. 

The upper on the Ride 15 gets a few slight modifications that help improve the fit and feel compared to previous generations. The engineered mesh upper securely wraps around your foot and provides a comfy, breathable and locked in feel. I found it struck a balance between providing a sleek and secure fit all the while providing ample room for your toes to splay in the forefoot.

One of the more subtle updates to the upper that I enjoyed was the addition of the lacing straps. These new lacing straps work like a ‘lace lock’ mechanism and provide a more reinforced and locked in fit around your heel. Overall I found the modifications to the upper of the Ride 15 provide a sleek, secure fit that seamlessly transitioned with my stride. 


The Feel

I found the new Ride 15 more lively, more comfortable, and more energetic than any previous version. I loved the thicker midsole and found it gave the shoe a more robust feel. Right off the bat it feels more secure and like it could withstand more mileage than the previous versions. Sometimes you worry that big updates to models lose the essence of what’s worked in the past, but I think Saucony retains its snappy and responsive ride that Ride fans have come to know and love. 


Why might it work for you? 

What I love about this shoe is the versatility.

Whether you’re hammering 100 miles a week or using it as a daily walking shoe — the Ride 15 can do it all. Designed as a daily workhorse shoe the Ride is ready to conquer all your daily pursuits. I think this shoe is perfect for someone who’s after a dependable, supportive but lightweight daily trainer. The updates on the Ride 15 make this shoe a unique option for individuals not willing to sacrifice cushioning and support in a lightweight package.

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