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The Rundies

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The Rundie is an honourable award bestowed by us, team Rackets & Runners, to exceptional products in our store.

As the weather turns colder and sports head indoors, we are dedicating the first set of Rundies to our favourite models of indoor court footwear. 

Without further ado, we present... 

Made in honour of the Columbian squash player Miguel ‘Cannonball’ Angel Rodriguez, these shoes are known to make a big splash on court. Heralded for making a big entrance, these shoes are the creme-de-la-creme of indoor court footwear, packed with loads of cushioning and lateral stability. Just like their namesake, they are sure to make your opponents wary of what's to come. 

1. Salming Kobra 2

The 2020 winner of our Cannonball Award goes to the Salming Kobra 2. The Kobra 2 continues Salming's legacy of creating top-of-the-line indoor court footwear. An unparalleled combination of lightweight, cushioning and stability— the Kobra is the epitome of lightweight comfort. If you’re craving soft cushioning without sacrificing the lightweight feel, look no further. 

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2. ASICS Gel Blast FF Version 1 and 2

The runner up award goes to the ASICS Gel Blast FF. If you're looking to make a big splash on court without breaking the bank, the ASICS Gel Blast is an excellent choice. Featuring ASICS new FlyteFoam cushioning, the Blast FF delivers comfort, stability and a low-to-the-ground design unmatched at $169.98 price point.


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3. Mizuno Wave Momentum

In its rookie season, the Mizuno Wave Momentum rounds out our top three. With 'wave' in its name, you know it's sure to make a big splash on court. Plus, when the match gets intense, you need an indoor court shoe that can handle it. The Wave Momentum delivers the ultimate support that responds to the most intense change in stance with Mizuno Wave technology. 


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For those who crave that lightweight, stable, aggressive feel on court, be sure to lock into the Need for Speed category. This was a tough one to call, all three of these models exemplify SPEED and AGILITY on court — but our store favourite has to go to ASICS Court Control FF 

1. ASICS Court Control FF

One of the lightest indoor court shoes on the market, and coming in at a $159.98 price point, the ASICS Court Control FF is a tough one to beat. Ideal for squash, volleyball, badminton or pickleball — you name it, this shoe does it all. 


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2. Salming Viper

A close second in the category goes to the Salming Viper. The Viper helped forge Salming's name as a top contender in indoor court footwear and continues that trend into its 5th generation. The Viper is Fast, with a capital ‘F’ , stable and low profile, ideal for anyone craving speed on court without sacrificing the cushioning. 


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3. Mizuno Wave Lightning Z5

Second runner up goes to the Mizuno Wave Lightning Z5. As the name suggests, these shoes are designed for the fastest players on court and are considered by some as the ultimate shoe in lightweight performance.  


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Last, but certainly not least, is the Best Bang for your Buck Award— handed out to the shoes that provide superior comfort and support at a more affordable price point. 

1. ASICS Gel Rocket
The ASICS GEL Rocket continues to impress. The ‘best bang for your buck’ indoor court shoe retains its title heading into the 2020 fall season. If you’re after an affordable court shoe with optimal cushioning and stability, look no further than the ASICS Gel Rocket. Adored by volleyball, pickleball, squash, and badminton players alike, all within a $100 price point. 
2. Mizuno Wave Luminous
Falling short but still in close second place is to the Mizuno Wave Luminous. Sitting at a $129.98 price point, these ‘suckers’ come packed with Mizuno’s patented Wave technology and loads of lateral stability without the excess bulk of alternative models. 


3. ASICS Gel Blade

Last, but certainly not least, is the elegant ASICS Gel Blade. A softer, more minimal and flexible alternative to the ASICS Gel Rocket, it is a favourite amongst many squash, volleyball, pickleball, and badminton players coming in at a sweet $139.98 price point.

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 4. New Balance 696

Although the New Balance 696 didn't make our top three, we believe they deserve an honourable mention. Adored by pickleball players, the New Balance 696 is an attractive lightweight shoe coming in at a sweet $99.98 price point. The comfort, lateral stability and, oh did we mention, it comes in multiple widths — makes the 696 a go to for someone wanting a price appropriate indoor court shoe.


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Not satisfied? Shop our entire Indoor Court collection and see who didn't make this year's cut. 

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