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Gear Up to be Seen

As days grow shorter and evenings get darker, it's more important than ever that you’re dressed to be seen. Here are a few essentials to keep you safe for all the winter miles ahead. 

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Safety Lights & Vests

How much safety wear is enough? More is always better.

At a minimum, you want to be sure that a vehicle approaching from any direction will detect your reflective element or safety light. We have reflective vests from Nathan that will fit over any layer with built-in lights or strobe settings, clip-on lights you can attach to belts and dog collars, reflective gloves, and reflective bands you can wear around your ankles and arms.

The key is making sure you’re seen from every angle. 



Reflective Clothing 

A key component when deciding on our fall running apparel is the product's visibility at night. All of our jackets, tights and hats come with reflectivity components built in.  One of our favourite items that really lights up in low light is Sugoi's Evo Zap 2 jacket. It’s hard to beat the safety aspect of the visibility of this jacket. 



Not only do you want to be seen while running at night, but you want to be able to see what's in front of you. Relying solely on streetlights can leave you stranded in dark places where lighting is minimal.

We recommend a bright headlamp that’ll allow you to direct light and boost night vision to avoid hazards during the dark. One of our favourite is the Nathan Fire Headlamp— lightweight, secure and provides 115-lumen spotlight for added visibility. However, if you're looking for a bit more visibility we'd recommend Nathan's Neutron Fire RX. The Neutron Fire RX has 200 lumens and and is USB rechargeable!

For more products visit us in-store or check out our high-visibility collection.

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