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R&R Run Club 2024

If you have questions about our Run Club, hopefully this will help answer them.
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I can run consistently, but slowly and want to get faster.

Tuesdays 6:15pm will be an intensity run that will showcase a variety of different workouts such as tempo runs, intervals, hills, drills, and occasional circuit/strength sessions. 

We will have 5-6 pace groups led by run leaders ranging in speed from a run/walk up to a 4 min/km.

Tuesday runs will be about one hour in total. This will include the run briefing, a dynamic warm-up, run or walk/run warm-up, main set and cool down.


I’m brand new to running, where do I start?

Thursdays 6:15pm are geared towards the beginner or returning to running participants, a combination of Walk/Run and Run/Walk. 

We will have two groups with walk/run, mostly walking to start and then run/walk which will have more running, but with walk breaks. Perfect for the person not quite ready to run non-stop.


I’ve completed a 10km race but now want to go further.

Saturdays 8:00am are all about endurance. 

We will be building towards the BMO Vancouver 8KM, half marathon, and marathon on Sunday, May 5. That said anyone can come out even if they are not training for this event. 

The long runs will follow a periodized progression getting a bit longer each week, with an active recovery week in the schedule approximately every 3-4 weeks where the kms are reduced. Runners will have the option to jump into any of the long-run options for any given week and join whichever pace group suits their speed. 

There will be pace groups ranging from walk/run, run/walk (8-8:30min/km), 7-7:30 min/km, 6-6:30min/km and 5-5:30 min/km. You can move around freely from an 8KM, to a half marathon or marathon group, you choose. We will post a calendar so everyone can see the program and plan accordingly.


I’m thinking of signing up for my first 10km race, which group should I join?

It depends on where you are starting. If you are new to running, the Thursday Learn to Run group might work best for you. If you are already running consistently, the Tues, Sat or Tues & Sat combo groups could work.

If you are unsure and need to talk to Coach Lara, email:


I’m coming back from an injury and not sure how to start.

It’s best to chat with Coach Lara to see where you should start.   



I like to do long runs on the weekend but need some accountability to stay on track.

Saturdays 8:00am are all about endurance and anyone can come out even if they are not training for a race.  

If you would like to occasionally drop into this group, we offer a $10 drop-in fee per session. The full winter schedule can be downloaded here.


I’ve completed a Learn to Run program, but I’m not sure what to do next.

Depending on your goal and pace, you may want to stay in Learn to Run Thursdays, or progress to Tuesdays or Saturdays. 

Join Tuesday intensity runs to build your speed and strength further. This run will challenge your pace and encourage you to work harder.

Saturdays are all about building endurance. This is a steady, long, slow, distance run. The staple of any distance training program.

If you are unsure and need to talk to Coach Lara, email:


I used to love running, but have lost my motivation.

Intensity training on Tuesdays might be just the group to reenergize your love for running. Except to build speed, strength, and technique. This intensity training will include run drills, tempo, hills, and intervals.  

Also, running with a group keeps you motivated and accountable. 

Sign-up for Tuesdays only, or add additional Saturday endurance training.


I fear hills.

Tuesdays will be the perfect night for you to conquer your fear! Dare we say, you might even grow to love hills….


I have experience running and have completed 10km runs in the past, but it has been a long time (a couple of years) since I have been running regularly and am in a far less ideal shape physically than ever before.

Thursdays would be the best place to start for you. It will give you a nice gradual build as you return to running. It will feel easy to start, but before you know you'll be right back to running again!

We have two groups on Thursdays:

Walk/Run - mostly walking to start with short run intervals

Run/Walk - Mostly running with short walk intervals

The pace for both of the above groups is relaxed and easy.

If you are still unsure and need to talk to Coach Lara, email:


Bored of your same running routes?

Come experience our curated routes and discover your city in a whole new way!


I find it confusing to sift through all the running articles and programs to find what the right training strategy is for me.

Join the Run Club to learn all about training principles, running intensities, stretching, nutrition, strength training and more!


I’m still not sure the R&R Run Club is for me.

Come try out one or more of the groups this week to see which is the best fit for you at no commitment. If you like it, you can sign up!

The R&R Run Club starts Jan 9. Sign up here

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