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The Adizero Range

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In 2008, the night before the Berlin Marathon, Ethiopian long-distance runner Haile Gebrselassie laced up the first Adizero Adios prototypes. Legend has it, Haile ran up and down the hotel hallway testing them out, feeling the responsiveness of the soles as his feet touched the ground. Impressed, he decided to wear the Adizeros for the marathon. The next day, he broke the world record in them by 29 seconds with an incredible 2.03.59 finishing time. 


Since their 2008 debut, Adizeros’ have collected over 150 victories in the world of elite racing and grown to become the pinnacle of racing flats. So when we heard adidas was releasing a new lineup of Adizero shoes one could say we got pretty excited. 


What's new? 

There have been some BIG changes made to the Adizero class of 2021. The headline of the lineup, the Adizero Pro 2.0, gets lighter and faster. The Boston 10 gets bigger, heavier but more resilient than ever before and the Adios 6 enters its latest evolution with the addition of Lightstrike Pro. 


On the flagship sneaker, the Adios Pro 2.0, the Lightstrike Pro midsole gets re-sculpted with visibly more concave lines to improve energy return. The new shape allows the individual to see the carbon fiber-infused EnergyRods that increases energy return with each stride. 


Across the board, the new line replaces their famous Boost midsole cushioning system with Lightstrike and Lightstrike Pro. The biggest change is seen in the Boston 10. The Boost midsole is gone, replaced by a combination of Lightstrike, Lightstrike Pro and infused with non-carbon energyRODS. The new model gains close to two ounces on its predecessor and sits closer to a daily trainer and tempo shoe than its previous lightweight daily runner. 


Coming full circle, adidas incorporates a new upper, Celermesh 2.0, forging a 'modern- vintage' aesthetic to the line that tributes the legacy of the Adizero family. 


New Technology

WTFast is Lightstrike Pro

Lightstrike Pro is adidas' new resilient cushioning that recycles your energy. The strength of each foot strike is retuned to the road propelling you faster to the finish line. Simply put, LIGHSTRIKE PRO means GO.  

WTFast are EnergyRods?

Anatomically designed carbon technology, EnergyRods spring back faster during the run with lightweight stiffness. EnergyRods mimic the natural foot-like flex of your metatarsals to provide increased energy return at the toe of each stride.  

WTFast is Celermesh 2.0? 

Ultra-lightweight, partially-recycled polyester upper created for speed with flexibility, breathability and targeted support based on data from real runners.


Adizero Adios Pro 2

Light, fast running shoes made for explosive speed on race day.  

Run past your goals and never look back. Set new ones and chase them. The Adizero Adios Pro 2 is here with evolved technologies that will help you take your run to the next level. Training run or 26.2, these adidas running shoes are designed for explosive speed that propels you toward the finish line. They're light and breathable with just the right combo of flex and support. Lightstrike cushioning fuels a snappy, energy-filled ride. These shoes have been approved by World Athletics under the new guidelines.


The Boston 10

Lightweight shoes for a race-day feel in training. 

For fitness. For clarity. For your next PR (personal record). No matter the reason you run, the Adizero Boston 10 shoes help you chase the fastest version of yourself. With more cushioning than the average marathon shoe, the midsole mixes Lightstrike with Lightstrike Pro. Throw in the snappy feel of the ENERGYRODS, and the result is an ultra-responsive ride that delivers race-day speed every time you lace up.


The Adizero Adios 6

Lightweight running shoes built for speed.  

The intervals, tempo runs and chilly morning sessions paid off. You made it to the starting line. All that's left is to kick into gear and go the distance in these adidas running shoes. Their mesh upper is so lightweight, you'll barely feel it on the course. Lightstrike cushioning gives a responsive and snappy ride. This product is made with Primegreen, a series of high-performance recycled materials. 50% of upper is recycled content. No virgin polyester.


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