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Community Spotlight: Supporting Young Athletes

Community Spotlight: Supporting Young Athletes Featured Image


That’s the first word that comes to mind when we think about our relationship with Rackets & Runners.

For the past two seasons, Rackets & Runners has supported the UBC Men’s and Women’s Tennis Teams on our continued journey to be the premiere University Tennis team in the nation. Although Rackets & Runners provides us with the equipment and resources necessary to allow us to compete at the highest level of university tennis in Canada, our relationship goes far deeper than that. 

We have always felt like Rackets & Runners has gone above and beyond in their support for our teams. Their store feels like home.

We are always welcomed with warmth and big smiles, but our favourite smile has to be Zuzu’s, whose excited wagging tail gives us just another reason to stop by the store. We are always greeted by employees who are willing to go out of their way to make our experience at the store the best it could be.

Club Lead of the UBC Men’s Tennis Team, Gregory Kuntjoro shares: 

“I went to Rackets & Runners and was at the end of their long line this last summer. I only needed to get a box of balls, so I wasn’t keen on the line ahead of me. One of their managers saw me at the back, asked what I was looking for, and before I knew it, the box of balls was in my hands. I really appreciated her efficiency, and although it was a small gesture, the time it saved me meant a lot. Despite Covid causing some difficulties, it was clear that Rackets & Runners still provided the best possible service that they could.”


 UBC Women’s Tennis team member Lily Eisler: 

“Rackets & Runners supported me throughout the summer demoing new rackets. Over the course of the summer, I purchased two pairs of running shoes for off court training, new court shoes, and demoed over 5 rackets. In addition, I always go to Rackets & Runners when I need my racket re-strung. I have always had positive experiences there, always being treated kindly. With covid, they made me feel safe throughout.” 

As for many, COVID-19 brought plenty of change and new challenges for our teams. With no competition, fewer fundraising opportunities and restricted practices we are all the more grateful to Rackets & Runners for staying by our side with unwavering support.

Rackets & Runners’ reliability and great selection of premium equipment has helped our student athletes find silver linings through this season, driving them to get out and develop their games in new ways.

Rackets & Runners is a proud sponsor of the UBC Women's & Men's Tennis teams and to help young athletes achieve their dreams.

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