Run Clinic

Learn to Run 10K Clinic

A supportive environment for beginning or returning runners, the Sun Run learn to Run 10K Clinic will have you running 10 kilometres within 14 weeks.

How it Works

Each workout begins with a warm up that includes a 5-10 minute walk and dynamic stretches. The program focuses on timed run and walk intervals that gradually increase on a weekly basis. Run routes through Shaughnessy neighbourhood, Arbutus Greenway, False Creek and much more. 

Start Date End Date
Currently on hiatus Currently on hiatus

*Current session in progress. Intakes throughout 13 weeks, depending on individual.

Run Clinic Benefits

A program designed with beginners in mind with a gradual approach focused on building your endurance. 

A Program Made to Build Endurance

This program features low-intensity workouts spread out over four days of the week, with two in-person sessions led by Coach Liz. This schedule safely builds endurance and strength. Recommended for anyone coming back from injury or looking to start running on a walk-run schedule.

Easy Access to Coach Liz

Here to support your running needs, Liz is available outside of training sessions via email or phone to answer any specific questions you may have.

Free Swag

Stylish, yet functional, sport your own Oak Street Runners' branded apparel on your next run.

Guest Speakers

To supplement your training knowledge, we bring in guest speakers such as physiotherapists, fitness trainers and other professionals in the field.

15% Discount

Exclusive for the duration of the clinic.  Applies to regular priced in-store merchandise only.


Clinic meets 15 minutes prior to and leaves promptly at 6:00pm. Two homework runs are expected to be completed on separate days.

Tuesdays 6:00PM 60 min
Thursdays 6:00PM 60 min
Shoe Renu Shoe Renu

Meet Your Coach

Coach Liz

Liz started her running journey in 2001 and has been formally training for road races since 2008. She's participated in road events that range from 5K distances to multi-day relay races. Liz recently finished the New York City Marathon 2019 and will be headed to the Chicago Marathon this year. Liz holds a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from SFU and is a certified run coach through the RRCA.