Wilson Clash 100L A1


Players looking for a light, fast swinging racket with the game changing Clash feel need look no further than the Wilson Clash 100L. Carrying over all the technology from the widely successful Clash 100, this lighter weight offering is a great option for juniors or adults who are after a soft, comfortable, easy swinging racket. At 280g, and 9 points headlight, the Clash 100L is light enough where most players will be able to generate adequate amounts of racket head speed, but still heavy enough that stability and plow through are not compromised. The Clash 100L also has a bit of added power when compared to the Clash 100 to ensure that the reduction of weight does lead to a loss of power.

Unstrung Specs

  • Weight:               280g / 9.9 oz
  • Head Size:          645sq.cm. / 100 sq
  • String Pattern:    16x19
  • Balance:             315mm / 9pts. HL
  • Length:               68.58cm / 27 in.
  • Tension Range:  21.8-26.3kg / 48-58lbs 
  • Stiffness:            55 RA

Wilson Clash 100L

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