Intermediate Half Marathon A1


For those interested in pursuing another first Half Marathon with a goal time in mind. An easy-to-follow running program for individuals looking for some guidance in running their personal best.

Recommended for:
Runners that have run at least one half marathon.

For those can run at least 3 times a week. 
For those can comfortably run 15K continuously.  
For those who can commit to 5 runs a week.

Total mileage during 16 weeks: 748K

Duration: 14 weeks

Commitment: 4 days a week of walking and running

Cost: $140.00

What You'll Need
A simple watch that can be set up for walk-run intervals.
Alternatively, we can help you find an app that can be set up the same way
A pair of comfy running shoes!

Intermediate Half Marathon

Regular price $140.00