Head Radical Oversize LTD. Tennis Racket Agassi


Andre Agassi… 1993. Need we say more?

Head goes back into the archives to bring us the Head Radical Oversize LTD racket paying tribute to Andre Agassi and the 25th anniversary of the racket which launched in 1993. While this racket is not a 1 : 1 reissue of that classic frame, it does contain enough similarities to the original as well as plenty of nice hidden touches ( the A.A. on the inside of the throat) to be a must hit for the true enthusiast or players looking for spec range that has become hard to come by. The Radical’s oversized head and heavy weight create a racket that has plenty of plow through but much more control than many would expect. It’s definitely a racket that pairs well with a long fast stroke and early preparation. Players who are able to achieve both those things are rewarded with an elegant soft feel, plenty of controllable power, and one of the best slicing rackets we’ve hit with in recent memory. Not just a showpiece to hang on your wall, this blast from the past is more than capable of holding its own on today's court. 

Unstrung Specs

  • Weight:                320g / 11.3oz
  • Head Size:           690sq.cm. / 107sq.in.
  • String Pattern:     18x19
  • Balance:              315mm / 8 pts. HL 
  • Length:                68.58cm / 27in.
  • Tension Range:   23-27kg / 50-60lbs
  • Stiffness:             63 RA

Head Radical Oversize LTD.

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