Head Graphene 360+ Gravity Tour Tennis Racket A1


Loaded with control and feel, Head’s Gravity Tour is perfect for the player looking to take big swings and cuts at the ball but perhaps prefers a slightly lighter, whippier option in the “players frame” category. An open 18x20 string pattern offers plenty of spin and control, while its flexible beam design means this frame offers plenty in the way of feel and forgiveness. At 305g is no pushover from the back of the court however, and has plenty of power and stability to hang with anyone from the base. This racket is a must try for players who are able to generate their own power and are looking for maximum control from their racket. 

Unstrung Specs

  • Weight:               305g / 10.8 oz
  • Head Size:          645sq.cm. / 100 sq
  • String Pattern:    18x20
  • Balance:              320mm / 8 pts. HL
  • Length:                68.58cm / 27 in.
  • Tension Range:   21.8-25.9kg / 48-57lbs 
  • Stiffness:             62 RA

Head Graphene 360+ Gravity Tour

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