Beginner Half Marathon Clinic A1


For those interested in pursuing their first Half Marathon.
An easy-to-follow running program for individuals looking for some guidance in running their first half marathon.

Recommended for:
Runners that have run at least one 10K race.

For those who can run at least 2 times a week.
For those who can comfortably run 10K continuously.  
For those who can commit to 4 runs a week.

Total mileage during 16 weeks: 586K

Duration: 14 weeks

Commitment: 4 days a week of walking and running

Cost: $140.00

What You'll Need
Running watch that calculates pace. There are many apps that will achieve this same goal.
Proper pair of runners.
Commitment to achieving this goal.

Beginner Half Marathon Clinic

Regular price $140.00