A Game For All

North America’s fastest growing sport is a combination of tennis, badminton and table tennis. It is a sport that is easy for beginners to learn. For experienced players, it can be a highly competitive, quick and strategic game. It’s a sport for all ages and skill levels! Rackets & Runners carries all the required equipment to get you game ready!

Find the Right Paddle

We carry the largest selection of pickleball paddles to get you on the pickle court as soon as possible! Paddles vary in weight, shape and price. Any skill level can play with any paddle.  The best paddle is the one that's comfortable for you! Not sure? Our Pickleball Demo Program allows you to test drive a paddle to make selection easier.

Stay a Step Ahead

Whether you're playing indoor or outdoor, matching the type of court shoe for the court surface is important.  The correct pair of shoes with a great fit will deliver on performance and minimize injury.  At Rackets and Runners, we have an extensive collection of brand name court shoes and expert and attentive staff to help keep you one step ahead of your competition. Come see us for a court shoe fit!