Wilson Pro Staff 97 Countervail A1


The Wilson Pro Staff line has long been considered one of the gold standards for control oriented tennis rackets. The Pro Staff 97 Countervail continues this history while offering more power, more forgiveness, and thanks to countervail, added vibration dampening. A great option for players looking for the Pro Staff experience but find the RF 97 variant too heavy. What you get with Pro Staff 97 is a whippy racket that comes through contact much quicker than its heavier counterpart, allowing you to generate more racket head speed for put away shots or quick reflexes at net. This racket continues to be a must hit for any player looking for a racket to complement their aggressive all court game. 

Unstrung Specs

  • Weight:               315g / 11.1 oz
  • Head Size:          625sq.cm. / 97 sq
  • String Pattern:    16x19
  • Balance:             310mm / 10pts. HL
  • Length:               68.58cm / 27 in.
  • Tension Range:  23-27kg / 50-60lbs 
  • Stiffness:            65 RA
  • Swingweight:

Wilson Pro Staff 97 Countervail

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