Head Graphene 360+ Prestige MP Tennis Racket


Few names in tennis have the history and reputation of the Head Prestige. Globally debuting in 1987, the Head Prestige line has been a mainstay on tour, club, and public courts ever since.

The latest iteration of the Head Prestige MP brings back proper old school vibes with a new twist on the famous Prestige red colour, whilst making some changes that allow the Prestige to be as relevant today as it was when it debuted back in 1987. Head has softened up the feel and upped the head size from 95sq inches to 98sq inches to give today’s players added comfort, power, spin, and margin for error. What has not changed however is the DNA of the Prestige. This racket is designed for fast swinging players looking for control and precision. Its hefty 320g weight coupled with a 10 point headlight balance, means that once you get this frame moving, it's destined to plow through any ball in its way. The classic 18x20 string pattern offers plenty of control, putting the emphasis on the player to make clean contact and generate their own power and spin. If you’re a player who is a fan of classic feeling control oriented rackets, then the Prestige is a must hit.

Unstrung Specs

  • Weight:               320g / 11.3 oz
  • Head Size:          630sq.cm. / 98 sq
  • String Pattern:    18x20
  • Balance:             310mm / 10 pts. HL
  • Length:               68.58cm / 27 in.
  • Tension Range:  21.8-25.9kg / 48-57lbs 
  • Stiffness:            61 RA
  • Swingweight:

Head Graphene 360+ Prestige MP

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