Babolat Pure Strike 100 2019 Tennis Racket A1


The Pure Strike 100 in hand appears to be like the other offering from Babolat in this weight category but at impact feels very different. Not as explosive off the stringbed like the Pure Drive or Pure Aero, the Pure Strike pockets the ball more, resulting in greater accuracy and precision. Players looking for the Babolat experience but interested in more traditional and control oriented racket will love what this frame has to offer. Even though this racket is geared towards control, its high launch angle off the 16x19 string bed ensures that there is plenty of depth, power and spin to be exploited in this frame. Perfectly suited for players with medium to long fast swings looking for a little bit of added control and feel to their game.

Unstrung Specs

  • Weight:               300g / 10.6 oz
  • Head Size: / 100 sq
  • String Pattern:    16x19
  • Balance:             320mm / 7 pts. HL
  • Length:               68.58cm / 27 in.
  • Tension Range:  22.7-26.8kg / 50-59lbs 
  • Stiffness:            73 RA

Babolat Pure Strike 100 2019

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