Salming Viper 5 Womens Indoor Court A1 0722


The Viper helped forge Salmings name as a top contender in indoor court footwear and the 5th generation of the line continues that trend. The Salming Viper 5 is a fast, agile and low profile shoe that provides an impeccable close-to-court feel. The latest version features a new upper, the ViperSkin, a synthetic lightweight construction creating a sleeker feel on foot and reinforcing support and stability. But don't worry, the most prominent of Salming technologies that have been the backbone of previous Viper generations are still present - The RollBar™, The LMS and LMS Plus 11° etc. In addition, Viper5 has the new RunLite2™ midsole foam which offer a lighter and more energy return. For those who crave that lightweight, stable, aggressive feel on court be sure to try the Viper 5. 

  • Drop: 6 mm
  • Midsole: RunLite2™
  • Outsole: XR110™
  • Upper: ViperSKIN™

Salming Viper 5 Womens Indoor Court

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