NSBTshirt Vorthelix WH001 A1


Running is a bit of a vortex. The more you dip your toe, the more it pulls you in. The NSBTshirt – vorthletix uses the comfort and cooling effect of organic cotton, in combination with recycled polyester to bring you a moisture-wicking, quick-drying run ready t-shirt. 

Ciele has added concealable reflective details, for that unplanned night run home, flatlock stitching for comfort, and an all-natural antimicrobial to defend against unwanted odours and harmful microbes that plague your everyday activewear. The water-based print is designed with breathability in mind, so it won’t get wet and sticky and uncomfortable like most printed t’s do during a run. This is the Ciele Athletics not so basic t-shirt. Wear it every day but race day.


  • 60% organic cotton.
  • 40% recycled polyester.
  • reflective details.
  • flatlock stitching for comfort.
  • all natural antimicrobial finish.
  • water based performance driven breathable printed graphics.
  • machine washable.
  • million miles guarantee.
  • weight 185 grams.
  • designed for people who run.

Ciele NSBTShirt - Vorthletix

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