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Your Fail Proof Father’s Day Guide

What's Your Dad Type?  

From the Dropshot Dad to the Gear Hauling Guy to the Weekend Warrior, we've got something for every sporty dad in our Fail Proof Father's Day Gift Guide

Your Fail Proof Father’s Day Guide Featured Image

It’s no secret, dads are notoriously hard to buy for. Some are super picky, some hate change and some you just never know what they want. This year will be different with our fail proof guide to the best Father’s Day gifts.

The 'Tennis Pro' Dad
It’s time to upgrade that dusty 10-year old racket your Dad's been slugging around the court. But how can you buy him a new racket without him there? We treat gifting a tennis racket like a really big gift card. Purchase the racket unstrung, wrap it up, and then bring your dad into the shop after gifting. We’ll find the proper grip size, suggest string and tension and have it court-ready in no time. See? Fail proof!



The 'Pickle-Baller' Dad
Looking to get a gift for the pickleball obsessed dad in your life? We carry the largest selection of pickleball paddles in the Greater Vancouver. Overwhelmed and not sure where to start?


Visit us in-store and let any one of our racket specialists walk you through our collection. Or shop our pickleball wall online

The 'Gear Lugger' Dad
Is your Dad lugging around those sticks in an old duffle bag? Time for an upgrade.

For those unfamiliar, tennis bags are broken down into different sizes with most brands providing a backpack style holding up to two rackets, a 3 racket bag, a 6 racket bag, and larger 9 to 12 racket bags. Depending on how much gear your Dad likes to lug to and from the court, we notice the average tennis player finds the 6 racket bag most practical; two main compartments, one for your rackets and one for shoes, change of clothes or a couple beers. 

Check out our collection of court bags here or shop in-store 

The 'Does a Little Bit of Everything' Dad
Gifting a pair of shoes gives your Dad the gift of movement and a means to escape and explore. Similar to the tennis racket, if you’re unsure of the size or style he’d like, you can purchase a pair of shoes in-store and have 14 days for a full refund or exchange. It’s our fail proof guarantee.

The 'Techie' Dad
Your dad shouldn’t have to choose between playing music and being run down by a bus he couldn’t hear.That’s why Aftershokz Headphones are a gamechanger. 

These lightweight, comfortable, Bluetooth headphones with open ear technology enable you to listen to your music or podcast and be aware of your surroundings. When you’re aware of your surroundings you can be more respectful of other people's space, and better enjoy your own time! Sold in-store only

The 'Hipster' Dad
Nothing says ‘I love you Dad’, more than a new snazzy pair of SAXX underwear. They're a crowd favourite for providing ‘the gents’ all day comfort. Shop our selection of SAXX underwear safely in-store. >

The 'Cool' Dad
With brighter days ahead, grab a pair of stylish GoodrSunglasses, $35 polarized, anti-fog and non-slip. With a variety of styles available in-store, there’s got to be one that catches your dad’s eye. 

The 'Accessorizer' Dad
We’ve got an assortment of wristbands and headbands to let your dad sweat it out on the trails, roads and courts. Lots of colors and brands to accessorize including Nike, Adidas, Babolat, Black Knight and Lacoste. 

Finally, for the 'I Really Don't Know What to Get you Dad' Dad
We’ve got gift cards available online and in-store. Give the gift of expertise, service and flexibility. 

Give the gift of choice.

Happy Father’s Day to all the sporty dads out there! 

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